Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson Reaches Out to Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee for Project Collaboration

Cardano's Charles Hoskinson Reaches Out to Litecoin Founder Charlie Lee for Project Collaboration

Cardano’s Charles Hoskinson is keen to work with Litecoin’s Charlie Lee.

In a tweet, the CEO of IOHK told the Litecoin creator that he would love to test cross-chain communication between Litecoin and Cardano. “We got a lot of ideas and I’m sure you guys do too,” he said.

Lee stated he’s open as well and said Litecoin Foundation’s Projects Director David Schwartz will be in touch.

Charles Hoskinson and Charlie Lee are some of the most influential persons in the crypto industry. Both are leading top cryptocurrencies by market value. Cardano and Litecoin rank 6 and 8 respectively in market capitalization according to data from CoinMarketCap.

Both crypto projects are also in the middle of a major update for their blockchains. Litecoin is about to implement Mimblewimble, which will make it more private. Cardano is about to launch Shelley, the long-awaited Cardano update that would allow staking.

As reported, Cardano’s value surpassed that of Litecoin, helped primarily by ADA’s 16% rally. Cardano has recovered close to 550% from the March 2020 crash that affected both the crypto and global markets. Pundits and investors expect Cardano’s transition to Proof-of-Stake to bring more decentralization to Cardano.

But Cardano’s increase in value was not without controversy. This week, it was revealed that ADA is being shilled to old farmers in China. In a tweet, HashKey Hub’s Mo Li shared videos of an MLM company shilling ADA, complete with pictures of Hoskinson and Cardano’s logos. Hoskinson denied they are involved with the scheme. The conversation quickly turned to a who’s who as Hoskinson accused Mo Li of implying they are involved while Mo Li shared that Cardano’s leader wanted her fired from HashKey. 

While Litecoin was criticized for being monotonous, Charlie Lee shrugged off the allegation and argued that ‘boring’ is important if Litecoin is going to become ‘money,’ since boringness is an element of fiat.