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Hsu considers that stablecoins require standards to become interoperable and overtly expressed the willingness of the OCC to work with

The Islamic Republic of Iran has been known for its stand against crypto mining, and this is not the first time the country is regulating it.

After El Salvador and the Swiss city of Lugano, the Central African Republic (CAR) declared bitcoin legal currency. The approval was an astonishing unanimous vote by the Parliament.

According to CZ, the world's leading exchange has recovered $5.8 million linked with the Ronin Attack in March.

The National Bank of Ukraine has placed restrictions on using the Ukrainian hryvnia to purchase digital assets. The apex bank says its actions align with the current martial law.

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched its widely anticipated beta version of the NFT marketplace, enabling crypto enthusiasts to browse and trade NFTs on the platform.

Andre Cronje, a prolific Defi developer has resurfaced again after quitting the crypto industry back in March 2022.

Imagine the largest e-commerce platform in the world syncing with NFTs. In the near future, this might be a reality following the recent comments of Amazon’s  Chief Executive Officer.

A recent study conducted by experts at Coin Insider has confirmed that meme cryptocurrencies are gaining steady momentum in the United States.

As per a recent ranking issued by Coincub, Germany has knocked Singapore off as the top European country that boasts a robust crypto infrastructure.

Ethereum-based stablecoin protocol Beanstalk Farms suffered an online exploit on Sunday that resulted in the protocol losing $182 million worth of crypto funds.

From being the original meme currency that bred hundreds of copy dogs to becoming the most shilled crypto asset by the world’s richest person Elon musk, Dogecoin has many claims to fame.

The US Treasury Department held Lazarus, a North Korean hacker group, responsible for exploiting and stealing $625 million from Axie Infinity's Ronin wallet.

The CEO of Tesla and Starlink Tech believes that the microblogging website needs to be "transformed" and offered to purchase the social media platform for $43 billion.