Coinbase Debuts Its Much Awaited NFT Marketplace

Crypto exchange Coinbase has finally unveiled its non-fungible token marketplace, boasting a user-friendly interface.
Coinbase Debuts Its Much Awaited NFT Marketplace

Leading cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has launched its widely anticipated beta version of the NFT marketplace, enabling crypto enthusiasts to browse and trade NFTs on the platform. 

Coinbase unveils its own NFT Marketplace

The marketplace dubbed Coinbase NFT comes with all the usual perks and benefits that an NFT marketplace generally possesses including the ability to sell, buy and create non-fungible tokens.

Coinbase first teased the launch of its widely anticipated NFT venture in October 2021 and had also introduced an additional waitlist for the users to get their hands and avail early access to Coinbase NFT features and specifications.

The marketplace comes with a new set of features including the ability to upvote and downvote the displayed NFT collections as well as enabling users to post comments and share the collections on other user profiles.

“We’re building a place that’s far more than just buying and selling. We want Coinbase NFT to be a place that helps creators and collectors build and engage their communities.

The marketplace has been designed to facilitate community interaction and enable users to experience a hassle-free NFT trade experience. The platform will also facilitate separate tabs for users to browse the best NFTs available and purchase them by connecting any self custody crypto wallet. 

Coinbase further shared that the platform at the moment, won’t be charging any fees for the purchase and sale of virtual goods and that the particular offer is available for a limited period. However, the platform intends to add transaction fees later in due time. 

“We’re starting with a small set of beta testers who’ll be invited based on their position on our waitlist. We’ll start at the top of the waitlist and open access to more people over time.” The blog post later added.

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