Vertex Crypto Exchange Unveils Global Platform to Assist Traders Take Profits at ATH

Vertex Crypto Exchange Unveils Global Platform to Assist Traders Take Profits at ATH

As most crypto projects are set to benefit from the increased global digital assets adoption, the Vertex cryptocurrency exchange has come up with a noble idea to help investors monetize all-time highs.

On October 20, 2020, Vertex exchange officially launched a global community-oriented trading platform that will help crypto traders easily take profits at all-time highs of their investments.

With hundreds of crypto projects existing simultaneously in the market and proving challenging to follow at any one given time, Vertex exchange aims to merge all the altcoin communities under one native token, the Vertex token (VTX).

During the 2017/2018 crypto rally, a significant portion of investors was not able to catch the all-time highs. Either by getting out too early or by overstaying in a retracing market that has endured to date in most projects.

“Vertex Exchange is built with a mission to merge and unite global altcoin crypto communities and allow users to monetize approved ERC20 tokens by swapping them to VTX at their respective ATH (All-Time High) prices,” the company noted in a press release.

For example, for crypto investors in the XRP community who were around during the 2017 crypto bubble and did not take profits at all-time highs, around $3.8, the token has retracted to over 90%.

Vertex Exchange is promising investors a platform that will enable them to swap their tokens with VTX tokens during all-time high volatility.

Vertex exchange has put in place a mechanism to allow investors to sell their tokens via a unique trading system that seeks to ensure price stability and liquidity.

There are notable unique features that vertex’s newly launched platform will deploy to not only attract more customer base but also maximize investors’ profits.

Apparently, Vertex Exchange will automatically create a sell order for VTX at a higher pre-determined price whenever a buy order is performed. As the number of tokens listed on Vertex Exchange increases, the value of VTX will also increase, hence reciprocating to higher demand and heightened trading volumes.

With the platform anticipated to bring together all crypto communities, Vertex exchange has come up with noble ideas to keep the platform boisterous, especially with outstanding information.

Vertex indicated that crypto communities will be able to participate as minters who can vote for their favorite ERC20 tokens to be listed on the Vertex Exchange.

Notably, the active traders will be regularly rewarded by the exchange as they will receive part of the transaction fees from each and every trade.