Timecoin First Token Sale Offers A 93% Discount

Timecoin First Token Sale Offers A 93% Discount

TimeTicket, Inc recently held a special token sale for its native token TimeCoin (TMCN), offering a 93% discount on the tokens market value.

TimeCoin (TMCN) is an Ethereum based native token that was created to support the functionalities of TimeCoinProtocol (TCP). As per the whitepaper, the protocol, “enables service providers to target users who match their criteria; empower users to own and profit from their reputation and creditworthiness and inspire community-derived products and services that can compete with those of big corporations.” The token will be used as the main means of payment for goods and services offered on the protocol. 

Through its project, the TimeCoinProtocol, the company launched the special token sale on February 15 with 5 million TMCNs. According to the website, the tokens are being offered at a price of 0.00004BTC while the sale is scheduled to end on April 30, 2021. Notably, all tokens will be sold on the OTC market. Investors can use their BTC, ETH, or USDT to purchase these tokens through the TimeCoinProtocol website. 

The company has also scheduled a second sale that will be launched on May 1, 2021. The second sale will run for 30 days ending on May 31. During the second sale, the company offers another 5 million TCMNs for 0.00009 BTC. Reportedly, the company plans to offer 10 million TMCNs out of the total 100 million tokens. The project bought back most of the tokens available in the market to reduce selling pressure. 

TimeCoin hopes to raise funds for the development and enhancement of the project through these special token sales. During these sales rounds, the company hopes to raise a total of $10 million. Initially, the project was funded with $4 million by a few investors. These funds will particularly be used for eSportsStars dApp, a TimeTicket product launched in October 2020. In addition, the funds will help the company implement DeFi and NFT functionalities in the protocol in addition to catering for marketing costs.

TimeCoin was First launched on BitcForex last year in November as an IEO.  At the time, the coin was going for $0.7. The token slowly rose to $11 before hitting an all-time high of $8500 in February this year.  In March, TimeCoin got listed on BitMart and Bili in April. The company plans to have the tokens listed in other exchanges soon. 

Notably, investors are advised to use private wallets instead of using crypto exchange accounts to purchase TMCN.

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◆Whitepaper – https://timecoinprotocol.com/doc/whitepaper.pdf

◆TimeCoin Token Sale Information – https://timecoinprotocol.com/sale

◆TimeCoin on BitForex – https://www.bitforex.com/en/spot/tmcn_btc