Will Bitcoin Reaching Astronomical Levels Trigger Critics to Overturn?

Will Bitcoin Reaching Astronomical Levels Trigger Critics to Overturn?

The crypto space is known to never lack some drama, and the latest episode involves Max Keiser who is bent on proving that Bitcoin naysayers like Peter Schiff will change their stance sometime in the future.  

According to Max, people like Peter Schiff, Mark Cuban, and Jim Rogers are yet to properly understand Bitcoin, and when they do, they’ll have no choice but to go all-in and bullish for the top coin. In fact, Max gives a 100% guarantee that these anti-Bitcoin characters, especially Peter Schiff, will end up buying lots of Bitcoin. 

Schiff Will Panic-Buy Bitcoin At $50k

In a tweet, Max went on to float a poll to his fans to find out at what price Peter Schiff is likely to flip bullish for Bitcoin. The poll was almost fairly distributed for figures at $25k, $50k, $100k, and $200k. However, on his part, Max Kaiser believes Peter Schiff will go all-in when the crypto hits $50k in price. 

According to Max, Peter’s refusal to support Gold instead of Bitcoin will cost him profoundly in the end when Bitcoin’s price shoots up. He projects that the Gold bug will start panic buying Bitcoin at around $50k.

In this case, Max is of the opinion that the panic will lead to Peter buying a lot of Bitcoin. Max’s aggressive prediction comes after Jim Rogers said that at one point, world governments will move to destroy Bitcoin

“McAfee Is The King Of Scammers”

While dishing out his predictions, Max mentioned John McAfee, referring to the popular figure as the “king of scammers.” Max backs up his opinion by pointing out that McAfee ventured into the Bitcoin market late way after the crypto was in the $2k range.

He accuses McAfee of duping Bitcoiners with his “coin of the day” proclamations that are “extremely dodgy.”  John McAfee recently made moves to release his own crypto, something that doesn’t seem to please Max Kaiser. 

Bitcoin For Social Change

After bashing Bitcoin skeptics and calling McAfee a scammer, Max, who hosts the “Keiser Report” TV show, went on to encourage Americans to acquire Bitcoin as a means to effect social change instead of physical protests.

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