Ned Segal Says Twitter is Considering Adding Bitcoin to Its Balance Sheet

Ned Segal Says Twitter is Considering Adding Bitcoin to Its Balance Sheet

Without a doubt, the crypto industry is growing broader every day as new crypto-related developments are surging all around the globe. Thus, crypto enthusiasm is on the rise as the industry keeps gaining the accelerating interest of big firms and prominent personalities, including social media platforms.

Just a few days after Tesla acquired $1.5 billion worth of BTC with plans to start accepting BTC as a means of payment, Social Media Giant Twitter is making similar considerations.

Following an interview with CNBC today, Twitter’s CFO, Ned Segal, says the company is on the thought of whether to include Bitcoin in its balance sheet.

Twitter to Become a Bitcoin Investor

Beforehand, the company has been thinking of the possibilities of paying its employees if they should request to be paid in Bitcoin, Segal explained during the interview.

Moreso, the company has been considering how to put necessary measures in place to enable them to satisfy the quest of vendors who want to be paid in Bitcoin.

Deducing from Segal’s statements during the interview, the aforementioned instances would trigger the company into investing in Bitcoin, thus joining the list of institutional investors adding bitcoin to its treasury.

With Twitter’s CEO being a famous supporter of Bitcoin, it is expected that the considerations cited by the CFO may soon come to actualization.

More similar considerations that encourage the use of cryptocurrencies by large and popular firms are sure to foster global acceptance of cryptocurrencies.

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