KFC Malaysia Going From ‘Food Chain’ To The ‘Blockchain’

KFC Malaysia Going From ‘Food Chain’ To The ‘Blockchain’

The NFT euphoria has reached the famous fast-food chain KFC. The brand is making food delivery with an extra ingredient of attractiveness by adding a thrilling experience with original NFT collectibles. A user experience in which unique designs of KFC NFTs come along with promos and marketing campaigns.

KFC Malaysia announced on their website: “Time to relive our finger lickin’ good moments in the metaverse! A nod to Colonel’s 11 secret herbs and spices, we’ve collaborated with local NFT artists to create 11 original moments NFTs.”

Up to date, there are three KFC NFT collections by Malaysian artists. The collections are: “Together Editions” by Wilson Ng, “Moving Fried Chicken” by Book of Lai, and “Generations” by Arif Rafhan.

Moreover, the brand of the famous KFC Captain is now offering different promos and contests through KFC NFT Perks. Customers can access benefits as they become NFT owners. For instance, in the next few days and until June 2nd, customers can enter a contest to become owners of one of the 11 exclusive KFC NFTs. Another eight NFTs were auctioned in OpenSea earlier this year. Also, the original KFC NFTs can be bought at OpenSea, one of the major NFT marketplaces.

Another section of KFC’s journey into Web3 is offering #OriMomentKFC, a contest on Instagram where customers and fanatics of KFC can win NFTs exclusive designs from Malaysian artists by joining the brand’s Instagram site and following the rules of the contest, for example, having a Metamask wallet, a public Instagram profile and the best answer to What’s your Original KFC Moment?.

Multiple interesting features come along with the encounter of KFC fast food consumption and NFT collectibles. For instance, the original KFC recipe found a creative way to keep customers’ preferences by giving Web 3.0 based-bonuses that are credited to food purchases.

The program is known as KFC NFT Perks and consists of a monthly promo code that provides benefits to NFT owners, for example, a RM 20 (RM= Malaysian Ringgit) discount on their KFC food delivery applied through the KFC App or KFC.com.my. The code is not transferable, and the platform ensures that the promo is used by the NFT owner using the Metamask address and a confirmation message via the Blockscan Chat.

KFC is not the first food chain that has surged onto the Web 3.0 wave. Earlier this year, McDonald’s announced a chain of restaurants in the Metaverse that will be able to deliver food online and in person.

Mariana Carmona
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