It’s A Goal! Scores Big NFT Win With Italian Serie A

It's A Goal! Scores Big NFT Win With Italian Serie A

The world of football is the next hit as the wave of blockchain technology continues to spur innovations and partnerships around the world. Fast-rising cryptocurrency exchange platform, has spurred the change by successfully penning down a partnership deal with Serie A – the top-tier Italian football league, making the league the first to do so in the world.

The Swiss-based exchange platform with a market volume of over $500million is seeking to champion the production and sale of NFTs to be made at the 74th Coppa Italia final to be held two weeks from now. Items such as special highlights, match moments, and trophy lifting experiences will be tokenized and offered for auction to the public by the platform. Subsequently, the partnership could see progress in the creation, tokenization, and auction of special Serie A moments as the league seeks to explore more streams of income within the crypto space.

The first in Football, The Second in Sports

While Serie A will become the first football league in the world to seal a major partnership deal in the crypto space, it is the second in the world of sports behind the US-based, NBA.

Dapper Labs Inc is the company involved in an NFT partnership with the globally prestigious basketball league to sell specially minted league highlights and action shots as NFTs. The company is already valued at a staggering $2.6billion having raised over $300 million in its latest special series funding involving billionaire athletes and Hollywood actors.

Other Noteworthy Crypto – Football Initiatives

Since 2018, there has been a growing number of smaller partnerships between blockchain-based companies and football clubs. In England,, a betting platform has penned down sponsorship deals with top-tier club sides like Southampton, Watford, and London club side Arsenal. Already, the two biggest governing bodies of football, UEFA and FIFA, are currently perfecting plans to infuse a cryptocurrency payment option for ticket purchases by fans. Other teams like Gibraltar United and Southhampton FCs have reportedly paid their players in cryptocurrencies at some point.  

The growth of NFT Platform

Despite launching only two months ago, the NFT platform has recorded tremendous success in its NFT strive. It has already featured major auction listings from celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Brain Wash, Boy George, and luxury care manufacturer, Aston-Martin. The partnership with Italian Serie A will come as a huge boost to its platform and grow transaction traffic on its site, and ultimately its value to sustainable heights in the nearest future. and Seria A is only the first of its kind for many to come as there certainly would be more partnerships between Football and Cryptocurrency going forward.

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