Germany Emerges As The Top Crypto-Friendly Country In The World

As per a recent ranking issued by Coincub, Germany has knocked Singapore off as the top European country that boasts a robust crypto infrastructure.
Germany Emerges As The Top Crypto-Friendly Country In The World’s recent crypto ranking has brought forth interesting details that establish Germany as the most crypto-friendly country in the world which surpassed Singapore and the USA in terms of cryptocurrency interactions and adoption.

Germany’s Crypto Connection

The ranking issued for Q1, 2022 by Coincub accredits Germany as the top contender leading the crypto adoption drive in the world. As per the official statement, the country’s “groundbreaking decision to make crypto investments part of its huge domestic savings industry signals institutional acceptance at a high level and a bright future for crypto in Germany.”

In addition to this, Germany is home to nearly 1479 Bitcoin nodes that contribute to the overall Bitcoin network stability, while the USA stands second in terms of contributing Bitcoin nodes.

Moreover, Germany’s progressive tax approach has been one of the key reasons driving the country’s successful crypto infrastructure integration. Apart from mainstream options, the ranking parameters have also evaluated Germany’s evolved stance on crypto.

Speaking about the Coincub’s Ranking parameters, the firm’s CEO Sergiu Hamza further explained: 

“We look to give the most accurate picture of crypto worldwide, and to that end, our ranking is always evolving. In Q1 2022, our scoring methodology better reflects the importance of some categories over others, and we have also added new categories including Talent (the availability of crypto courses by leading institutions) Fraud, and numbers of ICOs within each country. As events develop, we go beyond legislation or pure numbers and introduce new dimensions that are crucial for defining a countries ‘crypto friendliness’ or maturity.”

Germany is also looking forward to introducing crypto transactions through Sparkasse, which is the country’s largest savings institution to facilitate crypto transactions for nearly 50 million consumers.  

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