Cardano-based NFTs Hit New Milestone

The NFT maker platform announced via Twitter that it had successfully surpassed the 800,000 mark when it comes to minting NFTs on Cardano via its NFT Maker tool.
Cardano-based NFTs Hit New Milestone

NFT maker, or NFT MKR which is a special mint-on-demand tool that runs on the Cardano blockchain, took to Twitter to announce that the blockchain has successfully crossed the 800,000 mark when it comes to minting NFTs using the NFT MKR tool. 

NFT MAKER platform announces completion of 800,000 NFTs minted on Cardano

The platform which was launched in Q1,2022 has rapidly adapted to the growing ecosystem of the NFTs and has become a go-to tool for people to experiment and explore minting NFTs with.

NFT MKR was launched with an intent to take NFT adoption mainstream, with special emphasis on removing hurdles that may impede the process of artists and brands entering the sector. The tool has also shared a comprehensive future roadmap on its website which includes plans to launch its own NFT marketplace to facilitate a smooth trading experience for NFT enthusiasts. 

Additionally, the tool recently announced that it had minted 800,000 NFTs on the Cardano blockchain. One of the projects that have been using the NFT MKR tool to mint NFTs on Cardano is CardanoPeakz, a non-fungible token project that displays NFTs of famous mountain tops such as Mount Everest, Denali, and Nanga Parbat.

Recently, the Cardano blockchain has also reported signs of whale accumulation, a phenomenon where large investors known as whales accumulate crypto tokens in large quantities, enough to influence the crypto market. The blockchain has shown signs of rapid improvement and growth, which prompted the network to increase its block size to accommodate more data and increase its scalability in the long run. 

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