BitMEX CEO Believes The Chinese ‘Year Of The Rat’ Will Make Bitcoin Tumble

The CEO Of BitMEX Thinks The Chinese 'Year Of The Rat' Will Make Bitcoin Tumble

It’s not every day that some of the most popular and influential people in the crypto space get a little superstitious, and that’s why the CEO of BitMEX, Arthur Hayes, is currently getting a lot of attention – especially on twitter. Arthur is the founder and CEO of BitMEX, a popular crypto exchange. In that sense, many would expect Arthur to share some good news in regard to the crypto space – especially the Bitcoin market. 

However, that wasn’t the case. In a recent twitter post, Arthur Hayes sent shivers down the spines of the Bitcoin community members when he opined that the incoming Chinese year of the Rat was about to wreak havoc on the Bitcoin market. He said that Bitcoin was about to experience a serious volume and price volatility as a result of the “year of the rat.” He didn’t go into detail as to why he thought so. 

Alt Szn?

Arthur’s tweet soon attracted attention from various quarters of the crypto community, with most of the fans expressing their disagreement with his assessment.

However, there are those who felt that if this happened, then it would make the way for the Altcoin Season. Indeed, a lot of people, especially investors, have in the recent past expressed great optimism that an altcoin season is due any time in the immediate future, but that hasn’t happened yet since the crypto winter ended back in April 2019. 

Market Manipulation?

However, not everyone took Arthur’s assertions seriously. In fact, a lot of people took his opinion with a grain of salt, with some suggesting that he might actually be trying to manipulate the market.

Indeed, there have been cases in the past where some entities in the crypto space have been accused of market manipulation. However, no one is yet to decode the real motive or the credibility behind Arthur’s disturbing tweet.