Binance Is Finally Listing DigiByte

Binance Is Finally Listing DigiByte

There are hundreds of crypto projects currently in the market, but many of those tokens are yet to be listed on major exchanges. When any cryptocurrency is listed by a major exchange like Binance, it gains hugely as it enters a populated space with ready investors on a platform offering great trading opportunities. 

In fact, a crypto being listed by a big exchange serves to validate its authenticity and gives the impression that it has a bright future. That’s exactly what’s happening to DigiByte (DGB) right now. This is after Binance announced that it is listing the coin on its platform. Binance CEO tweeted to that effect, saying that Binance has finally accepted the people’s request to list DGB. 

It Would Have Happened Sooner

Going forth, CZ noted that DGB could have been listed way sooner than this, but there were some issues that needed to be ironed out before the fact. He said that the exchange had to “filter through some noise” to get the crypto finally listed.

Expectedly, news of the crypto’s listing on Binance was received warmly by the community, with many people thanking the team at Binance for making it happen. Binance CEO mentioned one Tommy Mustache and thanked him for his overwhelming support and faith in the exchange. 

Market Effect

As expected, DGB’s market dynamics went on full swing. It’s to be noted that this happens to all cryptos whenever news of their listing on major exchanges is broken. At the moment, the crypto trades at $0.0218, posting a cool 25% spike. DGB has a market cap totaling around $289 million and a circulating supply of about 13.2 million DGB tokens. The crypto’s total supply amounts to 21 billion DGB.

With the new listing, DGB is expected to sour higher as its market movement capitalizes on the renewed wave of inflow of funds into it. In effect, this will affect its price upwards and make it more popular. However, whether that wave will last for long is still a subject of discussion.