Adobe’s Behance Announces Support For Solana NFTs

Adobe's Behance Announces Support For Solana NFTs

Willian Allen, the vice president of Adobe, announced via Twitter that the firm’s creative platform Behance will now support Solana NFTs.

Behance, which is Adobe’s social media platform enabling people to showcase their creative work, will now be adding support for Solana NFTs. The company’s Vice President William Allen who is overseeing Behance, took to Twitter to deliver the news, stating that users will now be able to connect their phantom wallet with Behance and upload Solana NFTs as their profile pictures.

Behance To Let Users Upload Solana NFTs As Profile Pictures

The trend of uploading NFTs as profile pictures are not slowing down anytime soon. Behance, which is Adobe’s social media outlet facilitating users to display their creative works, has announced that the platform will now allow users to set their Solana NFTs as their profile pictures.

The platform creators could previously upload Ethereum based NFTs on Behance, however, according to Allen, the users wanted to explore other alternatives due to concerns over Ethereum’s high gas fees and energy usage. Allen took to Twitter to share the concern of the users and explained how Solana being a Proof-of-Stake blockchain could help eliminate such issues.

“There are already tens of thousands of @Behance users showcasing the NFTs they created on Ethereum. Some, though, have concerns about the energy use of Ethereum and the high transaction costs. As a Proof of Stake chain, #solana addresses this…A single transaction on @solana uses less energy than two google searches and costs a fraction of a penny. While they work towards full decentralization, the low energy usage and transaction fees are a real innovation…” Allen explained in a Twitter thread.

Being a proof-of-stake consensus blockchain, Solana is a sustainable alternative for people to mint their NFTs and is highly energy efficient as compared to Ethereum.

Allen further stated that the Behance users will now be able to connect their Phantom wallets with their profiles, and can later set NFTs that the users have minted on Solana as their profile pictures.

Allen also addressed the growing issue related to NFT theft and added that the platform is also working towards adding the user’s Solana addresses to the content credentials tool in photoshop that will help them secure their NFTs and get the due credit for their work.

“Unfortunately, many creatives have had their work stolen in the NFT space; I’ve been very focused on this for the past year… Soon your @solana address will be added to the Content Credentials tool in Ps to help ensure YOU get credit for your work. There is a lot more to come — additional chains as well as more advanced work to help inform artists when their work has been stolen..” Allen further reiterated.

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